IBE Make Up
Artistry Awards

rescheduled to 2021,

New date will be announced soon!


  1. Contest category prizes and awards
    All categories under IBE Make-Up Artistry this year will be awarded:

    • 1 Certificate Of Participation
    • 1 Trophy
    • 1 T-shirt
  2. Top 3 Prizes and Awards
    IBE Make-Up Artistry Awards

    • Champion Trophy + Certificate Of Achievement
    • 1st Runner-up Trophy + Certificate Of Achievement
    • Second Runner-up Trophy + Certificate Of Achievement
  3. Grand Champion Award
    IBE Make-Up Artistry Grand Champion

    • Make-Up Artistry Championship (Live Categories)
    • Make-Up Artistry Championship (Pre-Done Categories)
  4. Competition Uniforms
    All contestants will be given one FREE T-shirt. All contestants and winners are required to wear the T-shirt given on stage.
  5. Entry Passes
    All contestants/Models/Crews must collect admission badges at the designated Competition Registration Counter one day before the competition (11am) or on competition day (8am).
  6. Redeeming FREE T-shirts
    FREE T-shirts will be distributed to all contestants with the admission badges. (Please show your online registration receipt). The organizer will not post nor distribute the T-shirt to registered contestants who do not attend the event.
    Every participant is only entitled for Max (1) T-shirt If participate in 2 categories or above.
  7. Registration Methods
    Registration must be completed online and entry fees paid via online payment services.

    • Malaysian Ringgit (RM) for Malaysian Contestants
    • US Dollar (USD) for International Contestants
  8. Competition Guarantee
    All IBE Make-Up Artistry categories will NOT face the risk of cancellation.
  9. Deadline of Promotional Registration Fees and Others
    New deadline of registration will be announced soon.
  10. Online Registration Receipt
    All participants are advised to keep a copy of your online registration receipt for your own reference.
  11. Cancellation or Changing of Competition Category
    All payments are NOT refundable. No change of category and change of contestant’s names will be allowed upon submission of entry form.
  12. Competition Schedule
    To check IBE Make-Up Artistry 2021’s schedule & time slots, please visit www.ibe.my
  13. Competition Venue Rules and Regulations
    Only contestants, models, judges, authorized media and crew are allowed to enter the competition area.
  14. Entry Time
    Gender Reminder: There might be a long queue at the exhibition.
    All contestants/models/assistants are advised to be in the competition area two hours before the competition.
  15. Visitor Entry Age Limit
    Visitors under 12 years old are strictly prohibited from entering Exhibition Hall.
  16. Participation Age
    All categories of IBE Make-Up Artistry Competition are open to all individuals 16 years old and above regardless of nationality and gender.
    • Judges may participate in any competition category. However, they are strictly prohibited from being involved in the judging of their category.
  17. Deadline of Posters / Video Tutorial
    All POSTERS submitted must have a minimum resolution of 300dpi in jpeg format. Kindly email all VIDEOS to ibepostercategories@gmail.com with attn to: Mr Chia.
  18. Submission of Pre-done Artwork & Registration Time
    All Live category contestants & models along with pre-done artwork must report to the registration counter one hour before the competition begins. Contestant numbers will be distributed to each contestant.
  19. Live Competition Entry Time
    All contestants who participate in any Live categories (Real Model or Mannequin) MUST register at the registration counter 30 minutes before the competition. After the contestant numbers are put on, all contestants must gather in the waiting area. All categories will start on time as per schedule. Contestants who are over 15 minutes late will be automatically disqualified.
  20. Facilities
    The organizer will provide basic facilities with services (Including Competition Preparation Room + Competition Area + Tables & Chairs). Electricity will only be supplied for specified categories.
  21. Rental of Models and Competition Equipment
    All contestants will prepare their own competition materials, tools and equipment. If a model is needed, contestants will pay for the hiring fees.
  22. Competition Equipment/ Tools
    All Live category contestants are advised to bring tools and equipment needed into competition area.
  23. Competition Equipment/ Product/ Safety Rules
    There is no restriction on the brand of products used for all competition categories. Kindly prioritize products that have been tested and approved for safety under Ministry of Health.
  24. Competition Area Rules
    Once contestants enter the competition area, leaving will not be allowed without explicit permission. Contestants are prohibited from interacting with supporters outside. Models or contestants are NOT allowed to eat in competition area, no selfies or FB livestream.
  25. Before Leaving
    All contestants are required to clean up tables and take all the tools and equipment brought in away after the competition. The organizer is not responsible for any loss or damages to personal belongings of contestants.
  26. Collection of Participation Certificate
    Upon completion of each competition, contestants can collect their participation certificate and trophy at the designated counter at stage area by showing their registration receipts/forms.
  27. Returning of Artwork
    All pre-done mannequins will be displayed at competition display area. Contestants must collect their own artworks at 3.45pm after the judging process.
  28. Loss or Damage of Artwork
    The organizer is not responsible for any loss or damages to all pre-done mannequins during the competition.
  29. Missing the Award Ceremony
    The organizer will only send all participation and winning certificates to contestants who were absent from IBE Make-Up Artistry Award via email in Jpeg Format. (Postage charge should be paid by contestants for trophy/medal posted).
  30. Date/Time/ Programme Flow of Award Ceremony
    The IBE Make-Up Artistry Award Ceremony’s date will be announced soon.
  31. Amendment on Certificate’s name
    The name and achievement of contestants are based on the online enrollment form. If there is any error, contestants are requested to inform the organizer via email persatuan.kuku.mnta@gmail.com or xingzhe@elite.com.my within 21 days. Amended certificates will be sent to contestant’s email in Jpeg Format.
  32. Public Facilities and Personal Belongings
    Contestants must take full responsibility for their own belongings, competition materials, tools and equipment. No lockers will be provided.
  33. Disclaimer
    Contestants must ensure all competition artworks do not infringe copyright. The organizer is not responsible for any legal issues caused by contestants.
  34. Accident
    All contestants who participate in live category will bear full responsibility of any accidents or injury of models.
  35. Right of Competition Organizer
    If there are any disputes about the final results, the organizer reserves the right to reconsider the results. Committee’ decisions are final and no appeals will be considered.
  36. Organizer’s Rights
    The organizer reserves the right to utilize the personal information of contestants for event updates, promotions, invitations and similar purposes.
  37. This year’s IBE Make-Up Artistry Award includes Embroidery and Skincare (Beauty) categories.
  38. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules and regulations, and add or change categories at any point of time.
  39. Juror Registration / Application
    Industries Experts with 4 years and above experience are welcomed to register/ apply as IBE 2021 Panel Judges. (Terms and conditions apply) If Interested , please click the following link www.wasap.my/60163384988/IBEAWARDSEXPERT2020 to request for application form.
*The above are based on individual participation.

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